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Welcome to Ministry Development

Welcome to Ministry Development at Baptist Bible College! We are committed to facilitating the development of your ministry skills and capacities while you are a student here! This necessitates your own initiative for personal growth but also requires organized opportunities for real-life ministry!

There are numerous opportunities for ministry experience in nearby churches, in the local community, and even here on campus. Our Resident Directors, OSD Deans, and Faculty Advisors are available for guidance as students make ministry choices. We also encourage input from long-term mentors in your home church.

Since we believe preparing for ministry leadership requires both classroom instruction and practical experience, all undergraduate students at BBC must enroll in this ministry development program. We consider it a laboratory to put knowledge into practice. We are so committed to this that every student must complete a specified number of ministry units in order to graduate.

The goal is aggressive and progressive ministry experience for each student. It is our intention that every student's ministry be

  • Goal-oriented with thoughtful objectives,
  • Well-coached by a mature mentor,
  • Steadily advancing to higher levels of skill and contribution over the college years.

Beth McGrew, our administrative coordinator, along with your ministry supervisor stand ready and willing to help you with whatever questions you have. We want to encourage you, advise you, and hold you accountable throughout this development process. Don't hesitate to ask questions or make suggestions. We love interacting with students and growing with you.

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